Amedeo Maiuri

179 maiuri dAmedeo Maiuri (1886-1963) studied archeology at the University of Naples and completed his education in Rome and Athens.  He took part in archeological expeditions in Crete and Turkey, and was the director of the Italian archaeological mission in Greece.  He later became an inspector at the Naples Directorate under Vittorio Spinazzola.  In 1924 he was appointed the Director for Antiquities in Campania and Molise, which included the archaeological activities in Pompeii, Stabia, Cuma, Capri, Baia and the extensive surface excavations in Herculaneum.  He was particularly interested in using stratigraphy to determine historical chronology.  Maiuri also taught at the University of Naples, and authored over 300 publications including scientific monographs, articles and books. He retired in 1961.  (Soprintendenza Archeologica di Pompei)

1965 - Plan of the excavations in Pompeii

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