960 I-12cr d300 i 12 1094-dVia dell'Abbondanza, a long road, well traveled

This digital publication tells the story of a two thousand year-old-street in Pompeii.  It contains unique and dimensionally accurate photomosaics of the thirty-two city blocks along the 900-meter via dell’Abbondanza that were created for archival documentation, conservation management, academic study and general historic interest.  The publication also includes related quantitative and historical information such as the function and names of the properties, chronology of its excavation and changes in the condition of the structures.  In addition, the configuration and use of the public space is examined, and the relationships between the wealthy, their homes and the adjacent commercial properties are explored based upon literary texts and archaeological evidence.

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Pompeii, a Different Perspective is also available as a hardback book.     See details.