Condition Assessment - Regio III, Insula 7III-7 M 280

The photomosaic image below shows the condition of Regio III, Insula 7 at the time it was photographed in 2007.  The complete city block is 147.30 meters in length.  Only a small part of the insula is shown here.  This section was first excavated by Karl Weber in 1757 and then reburied (see The Excavation History of via dell'Abbondanza - 1748 to 1799).  It was again excavated in 1935, and further explored in 1954 and 1976.  This portion contains the entrances to two shops.  The poorly preserved walls were constructed in opus incertum (stone rubble embedded in concrete) with opus vittatum mixtum (a combination of brick and stone blocks) and opus testaceum (fired brick) piers.

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iii-7 960 cas d

iii-7 ca 1 d









Heavy rains collapsed the wall between entrances 5 and 6 on January 29, 2009.  This photograph was taken by an unnamed tourist and posted on the Blogging Pompeii website. 



iii-7 ca 2-d

Shown here is the state of the facade in July of 2014.  The collapsed wall (directly above the letter A) has not been reconstructed.