Creating Photomosaics

The methodology developed to record the facades of the buildings of Insula VI, 1 along via Consolare and vicolo di Narciso was subsequently used to create photomosaics of the properties along via dell’Abbondanza.  Although the same technology was utilized for this project, there were significant differences required in its planning, logistics and execution caused by several factors:

  • Insula VI, 1 is approximately 110 meters long, while the two sides of via dell’Abbondanza are almost 1,800 meters in length.
  • The structures in Insula VI, 1 are less than 5 meters high, while some of those on via dell’Abbondanza are almost 8 meters tall.
  • Via dell’Abbondanza is one of the most visited streets in Pompeii, with thousands of visitors walking its length each day.
  • The project was carried out over five years, requiring advance workflow planning and careful record keeping.

During five summer field seasons, the authors recorded over 13,000 survey points and photographed in excess of 5,000 digital images.