Guest Essays

Graphically documenting via dell’Abbondanza also provided an opportunity to gather additional information about the street in order to offer a more thorough interpretation and analysis.  Much of this supplemental data is presented in the Research section of this website.  In addition, several scholars were consulted for their insights into topics associated with via dell’Abbondanza.  Two such essays have been kindly contributed by individuals that have spent a number of years visiting, studying and writing about Pompeii:

Public Space and via dell’Abbondanza - Prof. John Dobbins of the University of Virginia utilized the archaeological methodology and data of the Pompeii Forum Project to analyze the configuration of the street between via Stabiana and the forum. [Photographs by Jennifer Stephens and maps by Arthur Stephens]

The Elite House and Commercial Life along the Via dell’Abbondanza - Dr. Damian Robinson of the University of Oxford uses archaeological observations, epigraphic evidence and ancient literary texts to examine the relationships between the wealthy, their homes and the adjacent commercial properties. [Photographs by Jennifer Stephens and photomosaic segments by Jennifer Stephens and Arthur Stephens]