Technical Standards

All completed photomosaics and the outcomes of the field trial were examined to determine the equipment and techniques that performed best.   These results were used to define the parameters (resolution, scale, etc.) that would optimize the quality of future photomosaic images.  Subsequent work would be performed to the following standards:

Camera - Nikon D-100 digital

Lens - Nikon 18-35 mm f/3.5-4.5 lens

Image Size - 3008 X 2000 pixels

Image Type - Uncompressed NEF (Nikon RAW)

Camera Alignment – Normal to the plane of the facade

Camera Orientation - Portrait format (tall rather than wide)

Photographic Distance and Lens Focal Length – All photographs of a particular facade are taken at the same distance and with the lens at the same focal length:

Camera Distance           Lens Focal
From Facade                  Length Setting

         7m                                 26mm
         6m                                 22mm
         5m                                 18mm
       <5m                                 18mm

Photographic Interval – Not greater than two meters

Control Background – Orthographic line drawing created from Total Station survey

Control Background and Photomosaic Resolution – 300 pixels per inch

Control Background and Photomosaic Scale – 1:25

Color Control – Kodak Q-13 Color Separation Guide

CAD Software – AutoCAD or VectorWorks

Image Editing Software - Photoshop

These standards were used to create a third photomosaic of Insula VI, 1 along via Consolare in 2006, and for all work on via dell’Abbondanza and other locations in Pompeii.